Our Staff Professionals.

Jesus Reyes President

Manuel Peralta Vice President

Principal Investigator :

Idalia A. Acosta, MD. Family Practice

Investigator Staff:

Maria Fundora, DPM. Podiatry

María Cuesta Torres, MD. Family Practice

Jose A. Alvarez, MD.Psychiatry

Lorely E Mendez, MD. Family Practice & Pediatrician

Hector Naranjo, MD. Family Practice

FELIX A, RAMIREZ, MD. Family Practice


Julio Fernandez, MD. Nephrologist

LILIANA ANGULO, DMD. Dental Practice

Research Staff Expertise:

Janeth B., Regulatory Coordinator

Lizzet Godoy.,Research Coordinator

Yosdan Suri.,Research Coordinator

Yoeisi Lozada., Research Coordinator

MARISOL G., Recruitment

ARIEL Cabreja., Research Coordinator

Angel Hernandez.,Research Coordinator

Ramses Garcet., Pharmacy Technician

Andreina Gonzalez., Laboratory Technician


Greiser Calcines., Laboratory Technician

Giancarlo R., IT Director

Fernando L., Research Coordinator


Our Core Team of board certified physicians (totaling 12) and their broad spectrum of specialties bring compliment of expertise and a high number of desirable multiethnic patients under one organization.

Each physician has a private clinic and a team of health care professionals and is on the staff of more than one hospital. All the clinics are within a five-mile radius of the designated clinic for the conduct of a clinical research activities. All associates have the research experience that allows clinical studies receive individual attention and flexibility to meet your special needs A dedicated research team composed 6 coordinators, 3 RN, 2 LPN, Pharmacist, Respiratory Technician

Board Certified100%
Family Practice100%
Internal Medicine100%
Psychiatry & Neurology100%